Dale L’Ecuyer Discussing the Brain and Gut Connection

Last Thursday, I had the honor and privilege of interviewing Dale L’Ecuyer. She is a part of the company Amare, a company who focuses on mental health and wellness. Personally, I have not tried any of the products the company sells, but I do believe in learning about other options besides medications to fix everything.
It was a pleasure conducting this interview. I think in the beginning, it was more like I was the one being interviewed. I would like to thank Dale for being a part of my program, and hope we talk again at some point. I welcome your comments and feedback. Please navigate to this link to listen to the interview with Dale.

Wow, Apple®

Here is a couple of updates for this week.
When I first started my podcast on Anchor, the app felt much different to me. I think I joined when it was at version 2, and it seemed to be more social then. Time has progressed, and now it’s as I see it anyways, become a full fledged podcasting platform. It does allow for voice messages, and recording with friends, but I feel like the social aspect of it has been stripped out. I still love the app though, and I’m not abandoning it as of now anyways. That’s not even the point of why I am writing this article.
I’m actually writing to share some exciting news, well, as far as the podcast goes in general. It’s available on Apple® podcasts now. I think it’s available in like eight or nine different places.
I’m also working on putting together a group of people to start doing live streaming with. I really like the idea of having an interactive show.
(I suppose, this is all the updates for this week, and as always, I thank you for reading.

The Journey Begins Here!

               Hello, and thanks for visiting my website.  This blog and website are the home where you can find links to my podcast, live streams, and anything else related to me.  I am going to start doing a weekly live stream starting in October covering my variety of topics I find interesting.  I love to read; as well as, to listen and record podcasts.  I probably spend more time on YouTube then is healthy too.  You never know what might show up here, so please, feel free to check back at least once a week.